FMEA MSR and FMEDA - Failure prevention Electrical / Electronic (E/E) | systems design

Two-day training to analysis methods for Electrical / Electronic (E/E) systems design in the automotive industry

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Basic knowledge AIAG & VDA FMEA required and ISO 26262 recommended

As driver assistance functionality and connectivity are becoming increasingly important in cars, the focus in this training is mainly on FMEA for electrical / electronic (E/E) systems.


FMEA Monitoring and System Response (MSR) is supplemental to the Design FMEA. This is a qualitative risk analysis and mitigation tool to enhance E/E-systems design with the purpose of maintaining a safe operating mode and compliance to regulations. The applies to system, hardware and software development.


Failure Mode Effects and Diagnostics Analysis (FMEDA) is a quantitative risk analysis and mitigation tool which is embedded in the ISO 26262 standard 'Road Vehicles - Functional safety'. This is an adaptation of the IEC 61508 standard for functional safety of automotive E/E systems. ISO 26262 is an adjacent standard to the more famous IATF 16949 standard. FMEDA applies specifically to hardware development.

Both tools combined offer a strong solution to the challenges of the increasing number and complexity of these E/E systems in the automotive industry. This provides a methodology starting from the concept phase to a design that achieves an acceptable level of functional safety for the customers and end users.


This two-day training gives the participants the ability to use qualitative and quantitative methods to analyse the robustness of E/E systems design. 

  • Apply the FMEA-MSR method for systems architecture
  • Understand the VDA-QMC 7-step approach for FMEA
  • Apply the FMEDA method for hardware architecture
  • Determine failure rates for hardware components
  • Calculate Single-Point Fault Metric (SPFM), Latent-Fault Metric (LFM)
  • Calculate Probabilistic Metric of random Hardware Faults (PMHF)
  • Evaluate compliance with ASIL requirements
  • Understand the interfaces with IATF 16949
  • Understand the interfaces with ISO 26262


Concepts and methods

The first day participants will work on a case and the second day, together with the coach, you will put the newly gained knowledge into practice in your own company.

  • Powerpoint presentation FMEA-MSR and FMEDA
  • A case study for both tools is explained
  • Between chapters, quizzes are completed to confirm understanding
  • Workshop how to use FME(D)A-templates (own examples or industry examples)

Included in this training: FMEA-MSR / FMEDA presentation (pdf-version), FMEA-MSR template, FMEDA template

Optional: ISO 26262 gap assessment template



Target Audience

  • Automotive E/E systems design / development departments (systems, hardware)
  • Quality Engineering / Management functions
  • Functional Safety related functions
  • Product Safety related functions

Jouw coaches

Dimitri van Hilst

Coach - Senior Expert Automotive

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